• 114, Maksukpo-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (1513, Beophwan-dong)
  • 82-64-800-7200
  • 82-64-800-7300

The Grand Seomorum is located right next to Beophwan Port in Seogwipo, where the scenery of Jeju Island is fully preserved, and in the middle of Jeju Olle Course 7, which is the most beautiful among Jeju Olle Courses. Seogwipo city center and Jungmun Tourist Complex are approximately a15-minute drive away, so it is very convenient to use various local facilities as well as shopping and sightseeing.

Directions (from Jeju Airport)

Airport Limousine Bus (65 minutes) Take Airport Limousine Bus No. 600, 800, or 800-1 and get off at the World Cup Stadium (takes about 1 hour), then take a taxi for 5 minutes (basic fare)
About 5,500 won (one way)
Taxi (50 minutes) About 45,000 won (one way)
부산 홈페이지 제작 피코소프트 양산 홈페이지 제작 피코소프트 김해 홈페이지 제작 피코소프트 울산 홈페이지 제작 피코소프트